The whole visible  universe is but a storehouse of images and signs to which the imagination will give a relative place and value; it is a sort of pasture which the imagination must digest and transform. All the faculties of the human soul much be subordinate to the imagination, which puts them in requisition all at once.

Charles Baudelaire: Le Gouvernement de l’imagination (salon de 1859)

Born in Lisbon, Ines Ferreira is a visual artist.

Professional sculptor, member of  association Sculpteurs Bretagne, living and working in Brittany,  France.

Her variable dimensions installations, are a reflection of the landscape, where portuguese marble, brittany’s stone of kersantite,  worldwide limestone and different granite, are mixed in space.


formal education

2015 soldering stage at Centre de Formation, Landivisiau

2009 António Arroio, Lisbon – Ceramic semestre course, Portugal.

2008 International Sculpture Center, Sintra – Professional traineeship in stone sculpture, Portugal.

2007 Évora’s University, Visual Arts – Sculpture, Portugal.

2006 Erasmus student in Fachhochschule Hannover (Bildende Kunst), Germany.



2012  Prize of the Salon de sculpture – 24th édition, Landivisiau.

2011 3rd place at the Salon Plouesc’art – 25 édition, Plouescat.

2011  Patronage award from Lyceum Club de Bretagne.


individual exhibitions

2018   “éclats” at the culturel center Champ de Foire, Plabennec.

2014 “Contemplation” Art et Chapelles du Leon, Chapelle St.Yves du Bergot in Lannilis, France.

2013 “Le temps n’existe pas, sauf l’espace”, Espace Lucien Prigent in Landivisiau, France.

2007 “La Rose des Vents et la Prose des Temps” ephemeral installation at l’Artichaud in Strasbourg, France.

2006 “Ein offenes Fenster in der Zeit”– Installation at Kurt Schwitters Forum, Fine Arts University in Hannover, Germany.

2005 “Reflexos femininos” – Drawing at Instituto Português da Juventude (IPJ) in Évora, Portugal.

2005 “Autos”– Drawing at Espaço Jovem  in Lisbon, Portugal.


collective exhibitions

2018  awarded sculpteurs at l’espace Lucien Progent, Landivisiau

30 th Salon de Sculpture, Landivisiau

2017 invited artists at chapelle St.Joseph, Lesneven


– “Ils sont joyeux, aussi” – Artist Residence, Art in Situ invited by La Fourmi-e at Poullaouen

– 27th Salon de Sculpture at  Landivisiau.

– “Art Mor Pagan” – Public sculpture at Goulven


-“Art Mor Pagan”  Public sculpture at Goulven

– “La Vallée des Saints” Sculpture Symposium  – Saint Edern at Carnoet

– 26th Salon de Sculpture at  Landivisiau


– Ines Ferreira and Philippe Andre at the “Presbytère” – Saint Briac sur Mer.

– Artitude at Notre Dame du Bon Port Chapel, Brest.

– Sculpture Symposium  “La Vallée des Saints” – Saint Tugen, Carnoet.

-“Tempos”, Galerie L’oiseau Sablier, Tréguier.

– 25th Salon de Sculpture,  Landivisiau.

– “Plouescart”,  Plouescat.


-Sculpture Symposium “La vallée des Saints” – Saint Derrien, Carnoet. (Fr)

-”Les Estivales de Cléder”. (Fr)

“Plouescart” at Plouescat. (Fr)

Sand sculpture at “fête du sable du vent et de la mer” in Santec. (Fr)

-24 th Salon de Sculpture,  Landivisiau. (1st prize)


-Sculpture Symposium “La vallée des Saints”- assistante, Carnoet..  (Fr)

-”Plouescart” at Plouescat. (3rd prize)

-”Kizellan, un bourg à sculpter” monumental sculptures at Mellionec. (Fr)

-23th Salon de Sculpture ”Les chemins de la Sculpture”, Landivisiau. (Fr)

-”Da Forma da Escrita à Escrita da Forma” at the National Archeology museum in Lisbonne. (Pt)

“Passiflora” Castelo de Pirescouxe, Loures. (Pt)


-“Da Forma da Escrita à Escrita da Forma” at  Galeria de Arte da Capela de Stº António in Ferreira do Alentejo, at Centro Museológico in Alportel and at Galeria de Exposições da Biblioteca Municipal in Cuba do Alentejo (Pt)

– “Passiflora” at Teatro da Malaposta in Lisbon e at Galeria Municipal in Sintra. (Pt)


“Passiflora” at Sala Atlântico no Parque de Santa Marta in Ericeira | ”Da Forma da Escrita à Escrita da Forma” at Museu da Escrita do Sudoeste (MESA) in Almodôvar. (Pt)


Plastic Arts, at Jardim do Cerco in Mafra.  (Pt)


“Napra 07” New Visual Artists at Palácio D.Manuel in Évora, Portugal. (Pt)


Engraving Students Exhibition at Palácio do Vimioso in Évora, Portugal | MultiPower- video Art at Auditório Soror Mariano in Évora, Portugal. |  “Casa Aberta” – Plastic arts, live music and poetry at the University Students Residence Manuel Álvares in Évora. (Pt)


“Casa Aberta” – Plastic arts, video, performance and dj’s at a students house in Évora, Portugal. | “Desequilibrios”– experimental Videos at Chapitô in Lisbon, Portugal. | “Sem-titulos”- Multimedia Installation at Sociedade Harmonia Eborense (S.H.E.) in Évora, Portugal.


Youth Bienal “IV Bienal de Arte Jovem de Vila Verde”, Portugal.


Visual Arts Students at Hotel da Cartuxa in Évora, Portugal.


Visual Arts Students at the Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon, Portugal.