2006, video/color/sound 4”36′

Collective film produced by the ProJustitae Foundation and Casa da Animação

“No-Titles” is the name of the collective film created by a team of 17 persons for the itinerant exhibition “At the world gates” / “Às Portas do Mundo” and produced by the ProJustitae Foundation and Casa da Animação.

This work arised from the proposal of making one artistic element to join the exhibition based in the exhibition itself. A film that would register one more opinion about the contemporary art of diferent countries with one common  language. This project was possible with the workshop of the animation cinema and sound profissionals: José Miguel Ribeiro, Fernando Galrito e Pedro Lima.

It was in Évora’s Visual Arts University that we made the studio captions: drawing and objects animation studio, caption and sound manipulation studio (one of the original sounds that we created was using our voices and the words with “ão, õe” suffix, one nasal sound common in portuguese language, in words such as irmão, coração, paixão, pão / brother, heart, passion, bread) and we edited the film in the multimedia classroom.

After the film was ready we gathered in the same DVD a menu with small videos and audio recordings taken from all the material that we captured and created, and with these “short-movies” and sounds we’ve made a multimedia installation at the Évora’s recreative society S.H.E. (Sociedade Harmonia Eborense), and for one night we changed the lights, we’ve made video projections in the walls, ceiling,windows, and sound installations around the spaces of the most frequented place of the city, showing our work to our colleagues, students and habitants of Évora.

And the “No-Titles” film followed it’s travel with the program of the exhibition, scheduled for Rio de Janeiro, Luanda, Cabo Verde, São Tomé, Maputo e Díli.

English Title: “No-Titles”; Original title: “Sem-títulos”; Crew: Nuno Vicente, Sofia Miranda, Maria Inês Ferreira, Filipe Siquenique, João Pedro Mateus, Marisa Cardoso, Denise C. Silva, Maria João Carvalho, Carla Dias; Coordination: Fernando Galrito, José Miguel Ribeiro, Pedro Lima; Produced by: Fundação ProJustitiae, Casa da Animação; Executive production: Mário Nogueira, Ricardo Leite; Technical support: Marius Araújo, Rui Louro; Support: Évora’s University- Arts department; Évora’s Town Hall; Contacto’s Insurance, ESAD Caldas da Rainha- Art and Design School, R.D.P.-África, R.T.P., Antena 1, S.H.E.Sociedade Harmonia Eborense

A project with the support from the portuguese Republic’s President.

ÉVORA, 2006


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“This cultural project embraces an itinerant contemporary art exhibition together with a lecture cycle, a social and cultural enlivenment programme consisting of a video and cinema cycle and an educational service gathering several pedagogical initiatives such as guided tours, animation and video art workshops.”

The itinerant contemporary art exhibition under the title “Plurality inside of the Portuguese language” shows the work of 29 artists coming from East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde Islands, S.Tomé e Príncipe, Angola, Mozambique, Brazil and Portugal. During the programmed itinerancy, several works resulting from different forms of artistic intervention shall be exhibited. Among those works some have been purposely produced for this project; the movie “No-Tiles” (“Sem-Títulos”) makes now part of the exhibition.