eliminação do narciso

2004, video/color/sound


In a white sheet of paper I draw in black ink a serie of complex ideas. Looking to my own work  I discovered that my talent is my major pride. My Narcissus. So, as in the Greek mythology my Narcissus (or myself) will drown in their own reflection. I kept on fulfilling my drawing with black ink etches, until the sheet was all covered eliminating my Narcissus. During the metamorfic process we can hear the sound of the etching. I registered all into video.


first drawing ink on paper 21x29cm, 2004

last drawing ink on paper 21x29cm, 2004

title: Narcissus Elimination /year: 2004 /time: 17 min 24 sec /genre: experimental, video art /director: Maria Inês Ferreira /camera: Pedro de Carvalho /country: Portugal /color: color